• UL / ULC Product Category VLMT ¡V File No. Ex 15524

  • First UL / ULC Listed Piston Type Pressure Reducing Valve.

  • Controller is fixed directly and designed of non-controller conduit. It reduces the damage of the controller conduit while transporting the equipment.

  • Pressure Adjusting Range: 30 psi~100psi (2.1 kgf/m2~7.1kgf/m2)

¡iRelay pump in the fire fighting system¡j
NO. Part Name Material
B-01 Main Body Ductile Iron
B-02 Cylinder Bronze
B-03 Piston Bronze
B-04 Shaft Bronze
B-05 Seat Bronze
B-06 Sealing NBR
B-07 U-Ring NBR
B-08 Spring Stainless Steel
B-09 O-Ring NBR
B-10 O-Ring NBR
B-11 O-Ring NBR
B-B01 Cylinder Nuts Carbon Steel
B-B02 Cylinder Bolt Stainless Steel
Controller Controller Stainless Steel
Item No. Size A B L Weight Max.Flow
DN mm mm mm kg GPM
UL-BFR-80 3" 152 205 240 24 400
UL-BFR-100 4" 174 220 270 37 600
UL-BFR-150 6" 208 255 335 63 2000
UL-BFR-200 8" 296 295 450 112 2400

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