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Pressure Control Valve Manufacturer in Taiwan
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Foot Valve with Lever


  • Cast Iron; Ductile Iron ; Stainless Steel

  • Thread 2'' to 2.5'' & Flange 2'' to 8''

  • Max 20kgf/cm2

  • NBR

Model FVT /FVF, a Foot Valve with Strainer and clean lever that make removing of debris easy. It is used in any water pump system pipelines, also served as a check valve function to prevent backflow.


What is the Function of Foot Valve?

A Foot valve is used at inlet of suction pump. A modified check valve that has a screen or strainer on the suction end to prevent debris entering the pump or pipe. We supply various body materials for different application, such as: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Foot Valve - a great product for Food process and Beverage industries.


Where is a Foot Valve used?

Normally utilized on Water supply systems within a water tank or a Water Pump system.

(Project Reference : Water Tank for Fire Pump Room in Bangladesh)

Z-Tide Foot Valve Installation on a pump system

An illustration sketch for foot valve installation



◆ Lever design for easier cleaning

◆ Protect pump system 

◆ Vertical installation only

◆ Available in Stainless Steel material, great application to food processing/ beverage systems

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Foot Valve with Lever
Foot Valve with Lever