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Pressure Control Valve Manufacturer in Taiwan
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Pressure Relief Valve


  • CI; DI; Bronze; SS

  • Thread & Flange 1.5” to 56”

  • 0.3-4 kgf/cm2; 2-8 kgf/cm2; 5-13kgf/cm2

  • NBR; Viton

Pressure Relief Valve maintain safe water supply pressure inside the pipe to prevent sudden increase of pressure that would damage the system by releasing exceeded pressure.


How to adjust Pilot operated Pressure Relief Valve?

Step 1: Open upstream valve.

Step 2: Loose the lock nut of the controller adjustment screw and turn adjusting screw counterclockwise until lowest outlet pressure.

Step 3: Pressure Gauge on the valve indicate inlet pressure.

Step 4: Adjust the controller adjustment screw clockwise to the pressure required.

Step 5: Fasten up lock nut.



◆ No Conduit, Compacted size for easier Transportation, Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

◆ Releases pressure once pipeline pressure exceed set-pressure.

◆ Pressure Release valve is suitable for general liquids and gases.

◆ Convenient in-style mounts either horizontally or vertically.

◆ Wide range capacity to handle local water supply pressure and adjust to specific pump specifications.

◆ Adjusting pilot allows easy calibrated pressure adjustment.

◆ Easy maintenance, maintenance kits are available upon request.

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Pressure Relief Valve
Pressure Relief Valve