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Pressure Control Valve Manufacturer in Taiwan
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Solenoid Valve


  • CI; DI; Bronze; SS

  • Thread & Flange 1.5” to 56”

  • 0.3-10kgf/cm2

  • NBR; Viton

A Solenoid valve is an electromechanically operated valve which can substitute traditional gate, ball and butterfly valves. We manufacture both Solenoid control valve and valve body in Taiwan, assuring quality provided to our clients are at its best.

Are Z-Tide Solenoid AC or DC? Voltage?

We offer both AC110V / 220V or DC12V / 24V as per your requirement.

What's Normally Close Mean?

Normally closed means gate are close when it is not powered., which means there will be no flow allowed through the valve. 

Drawing of Solenoid Valve


◆ No Conduit, Compacted size for easier Transportation, Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

◆ Working Voltage : DC12V, DC24V, AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz.

◆ Normally Closed type. (Normally Open type upon request)

◆ Convenient in-style mounts either horizontally or vertically.

◆ Wide range capacity to handle local water supply pressure and adjust to specific pump specifications.

◆ Adjusting pilot allows easy calibrated pressure adjustment.

◆ Easy maintenance, maintenance kits are available upon request.

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Solenoid Valve
Solenoid Valve