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WRAS Direct Acting Pressure Reducing Valve


  • Stainless Steel 316

  • Thread 1/2 to 2

  • 1-6 kgf/cm2; 4-10 kgf/cm2; 8-13 kgf/cm2


A Pressure Reducing Valve is a control valve that reduces the input pressure of a fluid to a desired value at its output. Generally are used for gases and liquids. Certified by WRAS, this model is suitable for Drinking Water, Berverage, Food Processing industries. PRV for RO.


◆ WRAS Certifications for Drinking Water and Beverage application.

◆ WRAS Certifications may apply to RO system.

◆ Direct acting pressure reducing valve is suitable for general liquids and gases.

◆ Suitable for process automation control and many general purpose applications.

◆ Convenient in-style mounts either horizontally or vertically.

◆ Wide range capacity to handle local water supply pressure and adjust to specific pump specifications.

◆ Adjusting nut allows easy calibrated pressure adjustment.

◆ 316 Stainless Steel lower body and upper body construction for durability and compatibility.

◆ The balanced piston design provides a constant outlet pressure even when the inlet pressure is unstable. The supplied pressure gauge indicates the outlet pressure.

◆ Easy maintenance, maintenance kits are available upon request.


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